Dr. Roa Altaweli, Chairperson:

Dr.Roa Altaweli, PhD, RM


Roa Altaweli is a Saudi Arabian registered Consultant Midwife from Jeddah, holding a BSc in Nursing fromKing Abdulaziz University in Jeddah. After obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwiferyfrom Bahrain, she was appointed as a midwife at the National Guard hospital inJeddah and thena teaching assistant at Dar Al Hekma University in Jeddah. Roa pursued a more academic routeby achieving a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Practice of Midwifery from Kings CollegeLondon and MSc and PhD in Midwifery from City University London.She was the first midwife from Saudi Arabia to obtain a PhD in Midwifery.When she returned to SaudiArabia, she worked as a part time Assistant Professor at KingAbdulaziz University Jeddah at the Maternity and Child Nursing Department and then joinedMinistry of Health (MOH) East Jeddah Hospital as Clinical Nursing Director for Obstetrics andGynaecology Department. She participated in the opening of the OBGYNE services andopenedthe Midwife clinic in East Jeddah Hospital.


Samia Alzahrani, Vice Chairperson

Samia faris alzahrani 

Senior Specialist Midwifery MSc in Midwifery from King saud University

Supervisor of performance development of midwives in ministry of health,Member of the Board of Directors of Alumni Association in Saudi commission health specialties .

Project manager for guidebook of midwifery in ministry of health Examiner  in evaluation of midwifery in saudi commission health specialties.

Acertified item author as Saudi commission for health specialties standards.

Ibtesam Jahlan, Treasurer :

 * Dr. Ibtesam Jahlan is a Saudi registered senior midwife, who is the 2nd Saudi Midwife who obtained a PhD in midwifery. 

 * She is an assistant professor and the vice chairperson for the maternal and child health nursing department at, college of Nursing, King Saud University.

 * Dr.Ibtesam Jahlan is the chairperson for the post-graduate diploma of midwifery at Saudi Commission of health specialists (SCFHS).

 * She is an accredited evaluator at SCFHS.

Houda Hammami,  Secretory General:
 * She is a Tunisian Midwife from ESSTSM university graduated.
 * Amani childbirth educator & doula.
 *  A member of breastfeeding committee as instructor.
 * A part of mother- baby journey hospital 
 * Currently, she joins King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz university as a team leader midwife.


Taghreed Hawsawi, Head of Scientific Committee:
  * A Saudi nurse graduated from nursing school.

  * Earned a Master’s Degree in Nursing & Midwifery advanced practice.

  * Worked in DR in Military hospital.

  * Became an IBCLC since 2016.

  * Working at KFSHRC- Jeddah in L&D till current time.

  *  Co-chairperson of Breastfeeding Committee at KFSHRC/J

  * IBFAN (International Baby Food Action Network) as an advocate for breastfeeding Arab region.

  * Recently join Amani birth family

  * Instructor of TOT breastfeeding workshop.

Mona Bukhari, Head of Media and Public Relations: 
 *  Mona Bukhary is a Saudi registered midwife. 
 * Midwife specialist graduated with diploma degree in midwifery.
 * A midwife used to work in Makkah.
 * She is the supervisor of midwifery profession regulation unit of midwifery department at MOH.

Fatimaezzahra Aaynealhayat, International Relations Coordinator: 

 * Fatimaezzahra is a senior midwife graduated from Morocco in 2005.
 * She is an ALSO Instructor, Breastfeeding Instructor, Childbirth Educator & Doula.
 * Fatimaezzahra is currently part of a management team, and advisory committee at Physionatal Center, Riyadh.


Prof. Lesley Page

Prof. Christine McCourt

Sub-Members of Scientific Committee

  Arona Ahmed       Celine Eves

Gillian Sedgewick               Mada Awam         Patti Paine         

Branch of SSOG

Previous Members الاعضاء السابقين

Aisha Al Hajjar                       International Relations Coordinator     2015-2018

Elizabeth Clarke                   Secretary General                                     2015-2016

Gillian Sedgewick                 Secretary General                                     2016-2017

Manal Felmban                      Head of Media and Public Relations    2015-2016

Shirley Naidoo                      Treasurer                                                     2015-2017

Sara Shamahm                     Scientific Sub-Committee Member       2015-2017

Franka Cadée                        International Advisory Board Member  2015-2017

Christina Sora                       Scientific Sub-Committee Member       2015-2017

Dr. Ahlam Alzahrani              Chairperson                                                2015-2017

Annemiek van der Kraan     Scientific Sub-Committee Member      2015- 2019

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