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Midwifery led care is the model that results in the best outcomes and is the predominant model of maternity care in much of the modern world.  In fact, the countries that have the lowest rates of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality are also the coutnries where midwives attend the majority of the births.  The model of midwifery care that produces these outcomes are models in which midwives are respected as autonomous practitioners who care for normal healthy women throughout the childbearing year.  As midwifery professionals, these care providers are highly edcuated to support and protect normal physiology, intervene if complications arise, collaborate with peer professionals (such as obstetricians, nurses, lab professionals, etc.), and refer to a higher level of care if necessary.  


Saudi women and those residing here deserve the high quality of care provided by midwives.  Our goals are to support the development of education and professionalism in Saudi midwifery to ensure that every woman has access to midwifery care.  


Whether you are a midwife, aspiring midwife, or someone who supports the midwifery movement in Saudi Arabia, please be sure to join us as we forge ahead with the vision of midwifery in Saudi Arabia.  We need your support and value your participation.  


To strengthen Midwifery to promote women’s reproductive health in Saudi Arabia through empowerment of autonomous Midwifery practices, education, research, and regulations.

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SMG envisions to be recognised as the leading organisation for Midwifery practice, research, regulation, and education within Saudi Arabia.



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